Mayor Megan Barry Nude Photos Investigation Continues

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Mayor Megan Barry and Former Bodyguard Rob Forrest continue to be under investigation for their affair. Photo courtesy of the Tennessee Star.

Updated 3/9/18

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation believes it has obtained nude photos of a woman that was taken with the cell phone of former bodyguard, Sgt. Rob Forrest. It also seems Mayor Barry deleted chats as well.

Now, the wife of Sgt. Rob Forrest has filed for divorce in Davidson County, Tennessee. Subpoenas were filed by the divorce attorney requesting that cell phone evidence be preserved for the divorce case.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation continues its investigation of Mayor Barry.


This past week Nashville Mayor Megan Barry announced her resignation after pleading guilty to felony theft. She will serve three years of probation and reimburse the city of Nashville $11,000.

Her former head of security Rob Forrest, also pleaded guilty to felony theft. He will also serve three years probation and reimburse the city of Nashville $45,000.
Their guilty pleas are for using personal travel expenses as business expenses, including Barry having $50,000 in overtime.

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