Roy Miller’s Wife Seeks Divorce After Domestic Violence

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Roy Miller, former Jacksonville Jaguar in court in Jacksonville, Florida.

Format updated on August 17, 2018

Roy Miller’s Wife Seeks Divorce After Domestic Violence

Last year, Kansas City Chiefs lineman Roy Miller was cut from the team after he was charged with domestic violence in Jacksonville, Florida. Miller was also a defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Accusations of domestic violence are common in divorce cases and it’s common for me to tell my clients to leave the home just in case, as domestic violence cases tend to complicate divorces.

Miller’s wife, Nicole Miller, served him with the divorce papers and the temporary restraining order. In Florida, the filing of a domestic violence complaint (civil) typically gets granted temporarily with a hearing scheduled within two weeks. Nicole accuses Roy of getting violent in their children’s presence. Nicole has also accused Roy of being an alcoholic while Roy has countered by alleging Nicole is dissipating marital assets (cash).

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