A “Billionaire” President That Can’t Count

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A “Billionaire” President That Can’t Count

How many tweets have we seen of the “witch hunt” that is bankrupting the country? I don’t know, but it’s a lot.

Lately, President Trump has been tweeting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is costing $40 million, but he did reduce it to $30 million earlier in the week. True or false?


Well, considering the President tweeted it, odds are it will be false, but don’t take my word for it, take the word of Trump’s own Department of Justice.

Per a report released by the DOJ, the costs of Mueller’s investigation has cost taxpayers $25 million. What’s $15 million amongst friends?

Now, I know some conservatives and Trump supporters will read this and still say $25 million is $25 million too much. Okay, let’s put this into perspective.

I’ll also take the time to say this again about President Trump and donating his salary. He can donate every dollar if he wishes, but Trump makes his money back in other ways, whether free publicity (intangible), but more importantly, by visiting his own properties (tangible).

First and foremost, a President is to put all assets in a blind trust, something the President has refused to do, meaning he is controlling his investments, a conflict of interest. That’s where the Emoluments Clause lawsuits come into play.

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Secondly, as the President prepares for 16 days a Mar-a-Lago, once again, who is paying for that? You, the tax payer.

Do you think the President’s staff and Secret Service has to pay for their own meals and rooms at Trump properties? Of course not. So, Trump brings his staff with him and he rents out his rooms to the federal government, feeds the employees, etc.

I love golf, so does the President, but you think Secret Service is walking the course when Trump plays golf at his own golf course? No, he rents golf carts to the Secret Service and guess who pays for it?

At last count a few months ago, Secret Service had already spent more than $40,000 on golf cart rentals alone. So this concept that Trump is working for free is absurd and just another lie. I’ll donate my salary any day of the week if I make more money by doing so. See, that wasn’t so difficult.

Okay, you still have a problem with the $25 million. Okay, then just understand that with Paul Manafort’s plea deal, Mueller has seized about $40 million in assets. I think that is where the President got that $40 million number from.

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Here’s another $40 million based on a referral from Mueller’s team of prosecutors. Plus, there is what Michael Cohen had to pay for his cases in the Southern District of New York and we have yet to see how much he will pay with Mueller.

So, Mueller just made $15 million at the minimum for the government and guess what; he’s not done seizing assets. Seems to me like Mueller knows how to turn a profit. Maybe he should work for Trump’s company, plus we know he doesn’t leak.

The DOJ Report can be found via this link.

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