A Melania Trump Divorce

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A Melania Trump Divorce

Will Melania divorce the President? I find it impossible to believe she doesn’t want to. Even Omarosa has said as much. But, if she does, when and why hasn’t she already? We have all seen the faces she has made behind the President’s back. The hand-slapping, too.

Legally, Rudy “Gibberish” Giuliani will argue that the President being the President doesn’t have time for this. It’s an argument that the Trump Legal Team continues to make for the multiple lawsuits pending.

I find that an absurd argument because if I were opposing counsel, I would just add up the amount of hours President Trump has spent Tweeting and playing golf.

Now, the one thing we should know about Melania is like the other two ex-wives of the President, they all signed NDA’s- Non-Disclosure Agreements. So, we may never hear juicy- tabloid- National Enquirer gossip. But, my question is why not divorce the President now?

Let’s say it’s all over, whether impeached or not. If the media has nothing to focus on, all of their attention will be on the divorce. However, with all that is going on, the media can’t be everywhere at once, so if anything, now is the perfect time for Melania to get divorced.

How much more should she have to endure? One more thing: you know what I don’t understand, when I see Trump supporters continuing to say what a beautiful couple and love story. Huh?

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.

Twitter- @mcatty_alex

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