A Michael Cohen Pardon from President Trump

In watching Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee, I remember clearly when Cohen said he would not ask nor accept a pardon from President Donald Trump. Two things came mind immediately.

One, I wondered if someone could reject a pardon from a President. I will assume you can, I never bothered to research that issue, but it does make for an interesting legal argument.

Two, I found that as an odd statement to make on multiple fronts. It made no sense to mention pardon at this late stage in the game, and I’ve argued for months in prior posts that it is too late for Trump to start issuing pardons because that no doubt will result in a constitutional crisis, especially since pardons aren’t usually used in this context.

In addition, while the media was talking about pardons for everyone, including Paul Manafort, I always said so what if he did get a pardon. The states will come after those individuals and that is what is happening to Manafort now for a “just in case” scenario.

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Considering the history between Cohen and Trump, I figured at some point a pardon must have been discussed, and I even wrote once that because Cohen would not get it, Cohen would get thrown under the bus and he would flip on Trump, exactly what he has done.

No doubt that Trump calling Cohen a rat and threats whether direct or indirect to his family, would only cause Cohen to flip even faster.

Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that after Cohen’s office and home was raided by the FBI, that conversation did in fact take place.

The Journal reports that one of Cohen’s attorneys, Stephen Ryan discussed the possibility with Jay Sekulow, Rudy Giuliani and Joanna Hendon, Trump’s personal attorneys.

Congress is now investigating that possibility and Cohen did receive a letter from the House Judiciary Committee. That letter and request for documents can be seen below.

Trump’s attorney, Sekulow also received a letter from the House Judiciary. The post below has the full list of the eighty-one individuals and entities, including Trump’s children, Erick and Don, Jr.

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But again, state prosecutors would have pursued charges if a pardon was issued, and with so many charges that Cohen could have faced from a federal perspective, how many pardons was Trump willing to issue to him, Manafort, Flynn, etc…

Have no doubt that Trump’s lawyers said we could issue presidential pardons, but not right now. And like I said, now is too late.

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