A Trump Mueller Interview Almost Happened

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President Donald Trump, Special Counsel Robert Mueller


A Trump Mueller Interview Almost Happened

Date. Check.

Time. Check.

Location. Check.

What went wrong?

President Trump was going to meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors at Camp David, but as the 27th of January neared and President Trump’s former attorney John Dowd found out what the questions and/or topics were going to be, all bets were off.

Mueller prosecutor James Quarles spoke to Dowd and told him some of the topics included Trump’s interactions with James Comey and Trump’s knowledge of National Security adviser Michael Flynn’s interview with the FBI.

When the in-person interview did not take place, there was a meeting between Dowd and Mueller’s team and Trump’s “intent” on firing Comey was questioned. Dowd answered there was no criminal intent and the subject of a presidential subpoena came into play.

It is believed that now there is a secret hearing scheduled on Trump being subpoenaed for December 14. See post below.


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Did Robert Mueller Subpoena President Trump

Per President Trump, he has not received a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller. Considering Trump lies on average eight times a day that we know of, I won’t necessarily take him at his word.


Last week President Trump did provide written answers to Mueller’s questions, but those questions did not involve obstruction of justice after an agreement between both sides. The only question that remains is does Mueller have enough for obstruction of justice. My short answer: yes.

At the minimum, you can look at multiple acts, tweets included, that includes possible obstruction of justice, whether the firing of James Comey or the misleading statement penned by Trump regarding Don, Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting.

At issue is also to what extent Don, Jr. perjured himself about the meeting and to what extent did the President know about it.

Sources have said that Trump continued to want to meet with Mueller and believed he could convince Mueller he had done nothing wrong, but after the raid of Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen’s office, the President developed mistrust of Mueller.

Too bad that meeting never took place.

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It is Obstruction of Justice

If I am the President of the United States and I tell you to end an investigation where I am the one being investigated, is that obstruction of justice? Of course.



President Trump Commits Obstruction of Justice- Again

How many charges of obstruction of justice the President could face is endless. There is the obvious and very direct firing of FBI Director James Comey.

There are indirect attempts at obstructing justice with constant public attacks on Jeff Sessions who recused himself from the Robert Mueller investigation and appointed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein.

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