Acting AG Matt Whitaker Going after Mueller

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(L-R) Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker; Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein; Special Counsel Robert Mueller. (Getty Images)

Acting AG Matt Whitaker Going after Mueller


It was only a couple of hours ago that I posted that Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker had been given the green light by ethics officials in the Justice Department to stay on the Mueller investigation. Of course, we expected Whitaker to stay on because his whole point as “acting AG” is to disrupt or end the Mueller probe.

Regardless, the ethics officials advised Whitaker that just in case in an “abundance of caution,” that he should step down. Whitaker rejected that advice.

Now, once again, we have to turn the spotlight to Senator Mitch McConnell who has done everything within his power to stop any bill that was designed to protect Mueller, a bill even pushed by outgoing Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican.

As Senator McConnell and other Trump puppets have repeated, Mueller is safe so no need to pass any bills, Then, why not just pass the bill?

Is Mueller still safe? I doubt it!

Now, Mueller is in a race against time and may have to release his findings before he intended. Although, I will say that many in legal circles believe that Mueller already has a sealed indictment against President Trump in an “abundance of caution.”

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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Robert Mueller’s Investigation in Danger Again


All has been quiet with Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker until now.

Earlier today, ethics officials at the Justice Department have advised Whitaker that he is not required to recuse himself from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. It is expected that Whitaker will address this with Senators later today.

Whitaker should have been recused automatically. Besides the fact that he is not qualified to be Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should have gotten the bump up after Jeff Sessions was forced to resign, Whitaker has written op-eds for CNN against Mueller’s investigation, even saying one way to get rid of Mueller was to simply cut-off the funding.

William Barr has been selected by President Trump to head the Justice Department, but he has yet to be confirmed. Of course, Barr also opposes the Mueller investigation.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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