Adam Schiff Going After Donald Trump, Jr.

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Donald Trump, Jr.


Adam Schiff Going After Donald Trump, Jr.

In what I’m calling the “Schitt List,” based on President Trump’s typical, but nonetheless derogatory tweet about Adam Schiff calling him “little Adam Schitt,” Don, Jr. is next on his list.

At issue with the Trump Tower meeting was President Trump’s knowledge and involvement.

We know that Don, Jr. had called a blocked number and that President Trump’s residence in Trump Tower has a blocked phone line. The calls from Jr. were made after the Trump Tower meeting and the meeting took place on the floor below the President’s residence while he was there, yet, Jr. wants everyone to believe that his father knew nothing about this meeting where Paul Manafort attended, Jared Kushner, and Don, Jr.

Even less likely to be believed is the fact that just days before the Trump Tower meeting, Trump said at a campaign rally he had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton that he was going to release soon, and it was that same exact phrase that Jr. received via a direct message on Twitter to set up the meeting.

Originally, when Schiff tried to obtain the documentation, GOP chairman Devin Nunes refused to obtain the records.

“Republicans refused to look at the phone records so that we could find out because they were afraid of what the answer might be,” said Schiff.

In addition to the phone records, Schiff and Democrats will subpoena witnesses that Republicans refused to call. As far as I’m concerned, Republicans that were complicit should be investigated as well. Devin Nunes tops that list.

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