Adele’s Divorce and a PreNup

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According to court records obtained by TMZ, Adele has filed for divorce in Los Angeles, California.

Adele has a six-year-old son from the marriage with her husband, Simon.

In addition, it seems that Adele did not have a pre-nuptial agreement with her husband. If so, that is normally filed with the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or there is at the minimum, reference to it.

My experience has been that clients want to protect themselves financially for divorce and consult about a pre-nuptial agreement, however, the problem is they don’t wish to spend money on one. Does that make sense? No, but it is the reality.

Between the expenses of a wedding, honeymoon, buying a new home and decorating the home, the financial toll is heavy and the stress level is high. But, I consistently see where a spouse should protect themselves with a prenup, but just don’t wish to spend more money.

When I graduated from law school, pending my bar results, I was working with Lennar Homes doing closings. I was an employee of Lennar and not a licensed attorney, and yet, I had homebuyers asking me endless questions about the closing documents they were signing.

I would advise them I could not give them legal advice since I wasn’t an attorney and even if I were, I was not retained by them as I was an employee of Lennar, and thus, that would be a conflict of interest.

Over and over again homebuyers were stressed out and/or angry with either me or others, but I always asked the question that if an attorney to represent them at a closing was approximately $500, why not hire one to help out at the closing and answer all their questions which would put them at ease.

The response was always the same: “we’ve spent enough money buying this home, we didn’t want to spend more money.”

And yet, the homebuyers were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, homes valued between $300,000 – 500,000 in 1999, paying hundreds of dollars monthly in association dues, but spending another $500 was out of the question.

It reminds me of motorcycle riders who say the same thing about not buying an expensive motorcycle helmet after having just spent $30,000 on a new motorcycle. It makes no sense!

Common sense has to dictate the situation. If a pre-nuptial agreement is going to cost you a couple of thousand of dollars, yet, save you tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars in a divorce, then the question you really need to ask yourself is can you afford to not pay for a prenup?

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