Allen Knows Where All the Financial Bodies Are Buried

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Allen Weissleberg, CEO of the Trump Organization.

Allen Knows Where All the Financial Bodies Are Buried

Who is Allen Weisselberg?

If Michael Cohen was known as President Trump’s right-hand man, then Allen Weisselberg is Trump’s right hand.


The Robert Mueller investigation has now subpoenaed Weisselberg, the name heard on the Michael Cohen Tapes, who is the chief financial officer of Trump’s company. To get any closer to Trump, at this point you would have to share the same DNA.

To what point Weisselberg has been involved in the Mueller is probe unknown, but, it no doubt pins Mueller inches away from Trump and his inner circle.

Mueller’s investigation would have started as an upside funnel as information and evidence was gathered, but now it has become specific with laser-like accuracy.

What needs to be realized is that whether it’s financial crimes such as money laundering or collusion, it is impossible for President Trump to have worked alone. Thus, a large net has been casted over the Trump presidency that will bring it with an endless amount of indictments and convictions of those in Trump’s circle.

This indicates that Mueller is definitely focusing on the financial aspects of this case, and while collusion with Russia is important, remember- it is not a crime.

Weissleberg has worked for Trump in one capacity or another for more than three decades.

While secret recordings make for great news stories and are exciting and sexy, it is usually the lesser known individuals that hold the key to unravelling the financial and legal complexities of President Trump and his campaign.

Currently, Weissleberg is running the trust that was set up by Trump when he became President, and at times has even done Trump’s personal taxes.

“Alan knows everything and anything about all the financials…He knows every dollar that goes in and every dollar that leaves. He knows where all the financial bodies are buried. – a former Trump Organization employee quoted by the Washington Post.

For now, President Trump has remained quiet and not spoken out, but, we know any minute now he will.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter- @mcatty_alex

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