Already We are Seeing the Hypocrisy From the Right

As Democrats start to announce their bids for the 2020 presidential race, we are flooded with a wave of hypocrisy.

Every time that President Trump said something that should have gotten him defeated, Trump supporters argued that’s why they like Trump, because he wasn’t a typical politician.

When word came out about his affairs and his hush payment to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, the right said we don’t care about his personal life, but they sure as hell seemed to care a lot about Hillary and Bill Clinton’s personal life.

Now, we have Kamala Harris. Right off the top, the “b-word” came out. More allegations of “birtherism.” That quickly died, so the right went to an alleged affair and that’s how Harris was able to succeed in her career. The affair was more than two decades ago.

With strike two, now the right is focusing on Harris’ marriage. Harris is married to Douglas Emhoff, a white guy. Why? It’s a “power move.” I’ve even seen that ridiculous statement by African-Americans. Or maybe, just maybe, she loves the guy.

Harris has already had to defend marrying a white guy in a radio interview. Can you believe this?

If it’s not a power move, then she is turning her back on her “blackness.” Now that Harris admitted to smoking marijuana and supports legislation to legalize marijuana, get ready, especially with a Jamaican father.

Cory Booker? Oh boy! God forbid we have a President that is single. Pay off porn stars and get caught on audio admitting to sexual battery, that’s all good, but single! Even worse, what if he is gay? Oh my god!

What happened to not caring about someone’s personal life? Now I hope Booker wins and turns out he is bi-sexual, really make the rights’ heads explode.

Elizabeth Warren? Well, that’s the broken political record of the right that still focuses on her heritage statements of being American Indian.

Our racist president continues to insult her and the American Indian culture, but the best part, Republicans want off with Ilhan Omar’s head.

Rep. Omar apologized and the Democrats in a show of unity denounced her statements but with the long list of Republicans, all white of course, that have shown over and over again racist tendencies and said racist statements, starting at the top with Trump, that gets ignored.

What a disgrace the Republican party has become. Wounds run deep and because of that, I can guarantee you in this lifetime I will never vote Republican.

Alexander Hernandez
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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