And all the President’s Men Couldn’t Put-

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The President’s House of Cards is Collapsing

And all the President’s Men Couldn’t Put-

This #### just got real.

There’s no denying the house of cards that is the White House is crumbling, and it’s crumbling fast.

In just one week, we experienced major revelations in the Robert Mueller probe.

First, it was Michael Cohen pleading guilty on campaign finance law violations and implicating the President at the same time.

Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for President Trump is found guilty on eight charges.

And now, none other than Trump BFF and chairman of the National Enquirer, the parent company of America Media, Inc., David Pecker is cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Still a witch hunt that is taking too long to close up? If Mueller’s investigation went any faster, we would all have whiplash.

The immunity deal is being reported by The Wall Street Journal and details are not known at the moment, but this no doubt brings the Mueller investigation not within Trump’s inner circle, but within inches of President Trump himself.

How Close is Pecker and Trump

How about very!

Pecker is known for “catch and kill,” when a media outlet buys a story and instead of publishing it, “kills” the story since they own the rights. Exactly what Karen McDougal said which not only makes her credible, but also Stormy Daniels.

Michael Cohen mentioned Pecker’s name in the recording of President Trump.

But, it gets better: Pecker keeps a safe full of dirt in his office.

When President Trump chants the media is the enemy of the people, he never figured to add the National Enquirer to that list. The media is the enemy of the lies and alternative facts and as Hispanics like to say loosely translated- you cannot cover the sun with your finger.

For a real estate developer, President Trump surely did a poor job in hiring contractors to build a wall around him that is as sturdy as a house of cards.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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