Another GOP Member- Duncan Hunter Indicted

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Margaret Hunter and Duncan Hunter, Representative California. Facebook Post.

Another GOP Member- Duncan Hunter Indicted

While the world focused on Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney pleading guilty to campaign violations and implicating directly the President, while almost simultaneously, the jury returned guilty verdicts on eight charges on former campaign manager Paul Manafort, one corrupt GOP member fell through the cracks.

Republican Duncan Hunter and his wife, Margaret E. Hunter, were charged yesterday. Apparently, Hunter took GOP Accounting 101 with Scott Pruitt.

Hunter and his wife are accused of using campaign funds for their own benefit according to the forty-seven page indictment

How corrupt “allegedly” was Duncan, a former military vet?

  • paid tuition for his kids
  • visits to the dentist
  • tickets to theater
  • groceries and household items
  • $14,000 for a family trip to Italy on Thanksgiving
  • $6,500 for a family vacation in Hawaii
  • $5,000 for trips to Las Vegas (twice)
  • Only the best restaurants – Spago, Capital Grille, Mr. A’s
  • $11,300 for items at Costco
  • $3,300 In-N-Out and burger
  •  $37,761 in bank fees for overdrafts and insufficient funds (wtf). Remember the Congress check writing scandal back in the day?
  • My favorite since I am a golf addict, Duncan spent campaign funds at a golf store gift shop and pretended he bought golf balls for the Wounded Warrior Project. What a douche bag!
  • Actually- my favorite is when he told staffers f### the NAVY. He wanted to visit a Naval Base in Italy to disguise it as a “political expense” but the base could not accommodate their schedules.

The Grand Jury Indictment was unsealed yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.

Funny thing, his father is a former retired congressman.

It was just a few weeks ago that Representative Chris Collins of New York was arraigned on charges of insider trading.

I guess my mom was right- birds of a feather stick together. Note to self- call mom.

After so many years of practicing law, you know what I tell clients that wish to litigate and spend money on cases that shouldn’t be litigated, throwing good money after bad? It’s so easy to spend money when the money isn’t yours, right?

Of course, Hunter is blaming everyone except himself. Want to bet like every politician before him, lots of tough talk for a week before he retires?

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