Are We Getting a Mueller-Trump Meeting

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Are We Getting a Mueller-Trump Meeting

A President Trump meeting with Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be epic. Two larger than life figures facing off in a legal Battle Royale. It would be Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant squaring off. The only question, who body slams who?


Rudy Giuliani has confirmed that President Trump is one step closer to speaking with Mueller. This, after President Trump tweets obstruction of justice by asking Jeff Sessions to end the Mueller investigation.

It seems that the focus of the questions will revolve around obstruction of justice, but the scope of the questions will be limited. Both sides are negotiating the possible final terms which may include written questions. However, they should also try to limit the amount of time because if Giuliani doesn’t, we know it is just a matter of time before the President loses his emotional control and digs his own grave.

Giuliani made clear Trump’s legal team does not want him to sit with Mueller, but Trump keeps insisting that he does. We can only imagine the train wreck when prosecutors go outside the scope of questioning and Trump waives his attorneys’ objections and answers the questions because of his God complex like Alec Baldwin’s unforgettable scene in “Malice” with Nicole Kidman.

Now, Giuliani is correct in stating that lawyers don’t want their clients speaking to prosecutors, but if President Trump doesn’t go forward with an interview, there is always the possibility that Mueller just subpoenas Trump, and we know that is legally possible since President Clinton serves as precedent.

Of course, Giuliani disagrees that a sitting president can be subpoenaed, but video interviews of Giuliani in the past stating the complete opposite of President Clinton have already surfaced. He wasn’t to pleased when Chris Cuomo on “Cuomo Prime Time” showed him that clip. Giuliani’s mentality is a President can be subpoenaed about an extra-marital affair, but not possible criminal acts with a foreign enemy government.

Trump Backed into a Corner

If Trump doesn’t meet with Mueller, he will get subpoenaed and that doesn’t look good since Trump’s legal team would take that legal issue to court. However, Mueller will win that argument and there will be no limiting of questions if that is what Mueller if forced to do.

The catch? At some point the President has two choices: 1- lie, a felony. 2- plead the Fifth.

Pleading the Fifth will be political suicide for the President and once again, his past would come back to haunt him.

In a campaign rally, Trump said:

“If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment. The mob takes the Fifth.”

Imagine Mueller’s team follow up question: “Mr. President. Do you remember making this statement? Are you saying then you are not innocent?” The President would lose it.

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