Ashton Kutcher Tries “Wild” to Handle Demi Moore Divorce

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Divorces are never easy and every client has a different way of handling it, but, I like Ashton Kutcher’s way of handling his divorce from Demi Moore the best, except for the “no food” part which is inherently dangerous.

If you saw the Reese Witherspoon movie “Wild,” a movie I highly recommend, then you know what Kutcher did. He took off for a hike in Big Sky, Montana, tech free, and lived off tea and water for seven days he said in a recent podcast with Dax Shephard the host of Armchair Expert.

In addition to the natural hallucinations he had after two days, he sent out letters to his ex’s.

Kutcher is now married to Mila Kunis and they have two children together.

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