Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s Dark Money

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Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, appointed by President Trump as Jeff Sessions replacement. Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

Matthew Whitaker’s Dark Money

Imagine receiving millions of dollars in funding, but from who is a secret. Imagine that the person who received that money is now a top government official in President Trump’s administration.

Well, you don’t have to imagine because that person is acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

Whitaker for reasons unknown but one can speculate, had failed to release his financial disclosure forms, but now that he has, we know that his non-profit which existed solely to attack and file complaints against Democrats, resulted in a large payday for him, and who contributed to that payday is a mystery.

Whitaker’s non-profit called FACT – Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust, earned him $904,000.

Whitaker was basically the only employee, which means he earned his almost $1 million salary by filing baseless complaints against Democrats which of course, includes Hillary Clinton.

FACT’s largest expense was ready for this: Whitaker’s salary.

Since FACT is a “non-profit,” contributions can be anonymous. FACT was supposed to hold public officials accountable and provide transparency, and the irony is that Whitaker’s non-profit is anything but transparent.

Since Whitaker was appointed as Trump’s flunky, he has revised his financial disclosure forms five times already, including the day he was appointed to replace Jeff Sessions.

I’ve said it before and will again; I didn’t agree with Jeff Sessions’ policies, especially as it relates to immigration. But, I’ve yet deny Sessions’ qualifications as Attorney General, nor his ethics.

Whitaker not only lacks the ethics to be the nation’s top prosecutor, but he is also not qualified. But as always, Trump seeks loyalty over competence every time, just like dictators.

President Trump no doubt drained the swamp, and along the way built an Olympic size swimming pool, a spa, and a golf course all at the expense of tax payers.

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