Authoritarianism 101- President Trump

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Photo/Screenshot from Vox Poll. Authoritarians are More Likely to Support Trump- Republican respondents only.

Authoritarianism 101- President Trump

An Authoritarian Does the Following-

Attempts to weaken the media.

Sound familiar? “Fake news.” “The enemy of the people.”

Remember, the media is bad, the FBI is part of the deep state and Russia is our friend.

Minorities Are Responsible

Authoritarians love creating invisible enemies. No one was better at that than Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Castro pointed his communist finger ninety miles past the Gulf of Mexico towards the United States. President Trump does it with the minorities.

We have already witnessed President Trump’s attacks on minorities and how they are responsible for everything that is wrong in the world today.

And if anything goes wrong such as protests, the protesters are at fault. Remember, there are “very fine people” on both sides.

Weaken the Judiciary

Trump is seeking to fill the federal judiciary with unqualified appointees that have life-time appointments. If a federal judge or appellate court speaks out, what does President Trump do? He attacks that judge or court.

Loyalty Over Competence

Does President Trump choose the most competent people or the most loyal? Just look at those that he has appointed for further evidence.

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