Bad Day for President Trump – Good Day for the Resistors

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Bad Day for President Trump – Good Day for the Resistors

Robert Mueller does it again!

Say what you want, call it a witch hunt, but every time Mueller steps up to the plate, he hits a home run.

His prosecutions and the handling of the most important criminal investigation in the last fifty years in this country has been nothing short of perfection.

Yesterday, Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison, but that is not the only important news of the day.

David Pecker, at one point BFF with President Trump and head honcho at AMI which owns the National Enquirer, has been quietly working with Mueller’s team of prosecutors. Pecker has an immunity deal and a safe full of dirt on Trump and all his dirty deeds.

Pecker was involved in the “catch and kill” story of Karen McDougal, the former Playboy model who says she had an affair with Trump. Pecker had bought the rights to her story but never published it, hence the “catch and kill” an effective way to put to rest a negative story.

Trump if you remember in the audio recorded by Cohen, was thinking of buying every story that Pecker had on him. Every story? So, there’s more than two? Of course.

What cannot be overlooked by Pecker and the National Enquirer is that while President Trump is screaming that Michael Cohen is a liar, fact is, Pecker’s admittance of the catch and kill stories back up Cohen’s claims.

Look into future: if an indictment comes down the road for Trump, Cohen’s credibility will be called into question, but Cohen now has the testimony and the documentation of the National Enquirer to back up his statements.

The Pecker and AMI Deal

Federal prosecutors along with the National Enquirer and American Media Inc., have agreed to admitting the $150,000 payment to McDougal in order to help Trump’s presidential campaign. In return, AMI and Pecker will not be prosecuted.

The prosecution deal with AMI can be seen below.

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