Bankruptcy Filings Increasing in Hawaii

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Per a report by Hawaii Public Radio, bankruptcy filings in the month of May in Hawaii grew by double digits over the same month last year, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Hawaii reported this week.

In May, there was an increase of 14.3% increase from 2018 with 144 cases filed last month as compared to 126 cases in May of last year, resulting in the highest amount of filings in the month of May since 2014.

With Chapter 7 bankruptcies, eighty-five cases were filed in May 2019 which is an increase of 7.6%.

For Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, there was an of 23.4% increase which amounts to fifty-eight cases filed this month compared forty-seven last year.

Honolulu County had the most bankruptcy filings with 105 cases compared to 80 last year.

Maui County went from 17 cases last year to 25 in May.

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