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Bankruptcy News

Latest news on bankruptcy for businesses and consumer bankruptcy.


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President Trump is Bankrupting Farmers

President Trump’s tariffs are bankrupting farmers at a record pace, especially dairy farmers as the prices of goods continues to drop.


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Catholic Diocese of Winona-Rochester Bankruptcy

After multiple sex abuse claims against the clergy, the Diocese of Winona is forced to file for bankruptcy protection.


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Tennessee Coal Mining Company Files for Bankruptcy

With mines in Tennessee and Alabama, the second coal company this year files for bankruptcy.

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Fallas and Factory 2-U Store Locations Closing- Bankruptcy

List of locations for store closings for Fallas and Factory 2-U stores due to its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.



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David’s Bridal Heading for Bankruptcy

The country’s largest wedding retailer is close to filing for bankruptcy.


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Kmart Locations Being Closed Due to Sears’ Bankruptcy

List of store locations closing for K-Mart due to Sears’ filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


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List of Sears Locations Closing Due to Bankruptcy

A list of the stores closing so far due to Sears’ bankruptcy filing.


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Sears’ Bankruptcy Filing

Sears has proceed to file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy after not being able to meet its $134 million debt payment.


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One of the Oldest Coal Companies in the U.S. Files for Bankruptcy

Westmoreland which has mines located in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Ohio, North Dakota, Texas, and a coal-fired power plant in North Carolina, has filed for bankruptcy.


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Sears is Close to Bankruptcy

With a large upcoming debt payment due, Sears is close to filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


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Mattress Firm Bankruptcy Location Closings

Updated list of locations being closed due to bankruptcy.


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Mattress Firm Retailer Files for Bankruptcy

Mattress retailer filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, closing hundreds of stores before the holidays.


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Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis Bankruptcy Settlement

A $210 million settlement has been reached and approved by the bankruptcy court for victims of sexual abuse by the Archdiocese.


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Blacks for Trump Guy Kicked Out of Bankruptcy Court

Besides the checkered past for “Michael the Black Man,” now he is prohibited from filing for bankruptcy for five years according to the Court’s ruling.

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Gawker Media is Coming Back

Gawker is expected to relaunch in 2019 after having to file bankruptcy due to the Hulk Hogan lawsuit.


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Bankruptcy and Senior Citizens

With a drop in income and the high costs of medical care and the standard of living, senior citizens are filing for bankruptcy in record numbers.


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Gawker Bought by Bustle- Bryan Goldberg was purchased at a bankruptcy auction by Bryan Goldberg, the CEO of Bustle and co-founder of Elite Daily.


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Bankruptcy and Medical Bills

A large portion of my bankruptcy clients file for bankruptcy because of outstanding medical bills.


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Cambridge Analytica’s Bankruptcy & How it Effects You

Cambridge Analytica has proceeded to file for bankruptcy and as part of the bankruptcy process, that means selling their assets at auction.


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Charming Charlie Bankruptcy

Charming Charlie is out of the bankruptcy process, however, while downsizing, it closed one hundred stores as well employees being laid off.


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Archdiocese of Puerto Rico Files for Bankruptcy

The effects of Hurricane Maria has resulted in the Archdiocese of Puerto Rico having to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


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