Be On the Lookout- Koch Brothers Coming to Your State

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Be On the Lookout- Koch Brothers Coming to Your State

The Koch brothers, that have nothing else better to do with their billions than to spend it on Republicans, are now ready to spend millions of dollars on ads attacking anyone not a member of the GOP.

With the mid-term elections coming up, this was expected. So keep an eye out for the Koch brothers with their ads in order to separate fact from fiction.



First up is former Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen. Always using conservative and patriotic sounding organizations, the ad is paid for by the Americans for Prosperity-Tennessee to the tune of $2 million.

Bredesen has responded with a digital ad called “The Attacks Have Started.”

The Koch brothers are supporting Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.


If the Koch brothers have spent $5 million on you, you got my vote.

Senator Tammy Baldwin a Democrat from Wisconsin is next on the list. Now, the Koch brothers will be spending an additional $820,00 in order to push Republican Leah Vukmir.

Always one to not run out of organizations, another group they have, the Concerned Veterans for America is spending $800,000 to state that Baldwin doesn’t do enough to support our veterans.

The Koch brothers and the Concerned Veterans for America already spent $1 million on an ad known as the “empty chair” where Baldwin is always absent.


Senator Claire McCaskill is next. She gets $2.1 million thrown against her.

Here’s my approach, the more the Koch brothers throw into a campaign, the more I want to vote the other person.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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