Being Sued by Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery, or CACH LLC?

Who Is Midland Funding LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, or CACH, LLC? These are debt collection companies known as debt buyers.

Lately, I’ve seen a large uptick in the amount of collection lawsuits being filed by Midland Funding LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, and CACH, LLC. I’ve seen them file dozens of cases at a time and scheduling them all for a pre-trial conference. Here is what you need to know.


Whether Midland Funding, LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, or CACH, LLC or any other collection agency, these large companies purchase debt from other companies.

For example, say you defaulted on your Capital One credit card. At some point, Capital One or another credit card company will sell your debt to one of the debt collectors.

It’s been years since you heard from your original creditor, but now you are getting phone calls and mail from these companies saying you owe them the money. You do because they legally purchased the debt from the original creditor.


Most people, believe it or not, ignore the summons and if you do, you will not like the results.

Ignoring a summons means the debt collectors will get a default judgment against you and it could result in 25% of your wages being garnished, bank accounts seized/frozen, and a lien against your personal property whether your car, motorcycle, boat, and even real property including your homestead property.


Contact attorney Alex Hernandez for a free consultation to determine the next step and the best option for you.

Sometimes the best option is to file for bankruptcy due to the amount of debt you may have or reach a settlement with creditors, sometimes even dispute the debt in court.

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