Britney Spears’ Child Support Case

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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have been back in the media tabloids the last few months since Federline was requesting more child support. But now, it seems they have reached a deal.

The new amount of child support remains unknown and that happens when court documents are sealed. Depending on the situation, while court proceedings are public record, with certain limited exceptions a court file could be sealed via a court order.

I had to deal with that issue in a previous case where I was representing a confidential informant.

In Federline’s case, he was requesting an upward modification of child support. Child support could be modified for a couple of different reasons.

In Florida, there has to be a “substantial change of circumstances” in the parties’ financial situation. In this case, Federline argued that he was earning less income and Spears was actually earning more because of her new contract to work in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Child support is based on guidelines and dollar amounts are determined when combining the net income for both parties. However, Spears’ situation is unique because of the amount of income she earns.

Let’s suppose hypothetically, when calculating child support you come up with a $1 million per month. Obviously, children do not need that much money for child support, so in Spears’ case, her attorney would argue child support should be based on “need.” How much is needed? Every situation is different.

Originally, Federline was receiving $20,000 per month in child support from Spears.

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