Bruce Ohr Testimony Unilaterally Released by Republican- Steele Dossier

As Democrats continue to push forward with their investigation of President Trump and Russia, look for Republicans to continue to fight back and try to create smoke screens as President Trump continues to tweet “presidential harassment.”

But, threats to Michael Cohen, his family and everyone else, that’s fine with Republicans.

Now, Doug Collins the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, has released the transcripts of Bruce Ohr.

This comes after Jerry Nadler the chairman of the committee, is seeking documents from eighty-one individuals and entities. That full list plus the document request can be seen via the link below.

Read: The Full List of Those Being Investigated by House Judiciary Committee

Who is Ohr and why is he important?

Ohr works for the Justice Department and his wife worked for a political research firm (Fusion GPS) that hired former British spy, Christopher Steele who wrote what is known as the Steele Dossier.

Months ago, I wrote about Ohr and a statement he made to lawmakers that Russian intelligence had President Trump “over a barrel.” The information Ohr had obtained he provided to the FBI and even said that Trump was “desperate” to not get elected.

Republicans believe that the Steele Dossier was used to obtain warrants. I won’t go into the specifics legally as that is a separate discussion, but if warrants were obtained on what was believed to be valid information, then the warrant and the evidence obtained is still legal.

Ohr’s full transcript can be read via this link.

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