Bulldozers, Butterflies, and the Border Wall Mexico Isn’t Paying For

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Gone is the National Butterfly Sanctuary thanks to President Trump’s border wall.

Bulldozers, Butterflies, and the Border Wall Mexico Isn’t Paying For

Time is running out as bulldozers get ready to plow through the National Butterfly Center along the Rio Grande because President Trump needs to fulfill his campaign promise of building a border wall that last time I checked, Mexico isn’t paying for.

Then again, Trump supporters actually believe that border wall construction has begun.

Hundreds of thousands of butterflies are in the one hundred acre sanctuary and the Supreme Court ruling, in this case lack of a ruling, comes after environment laws can be waived that fall under the Endangered Species Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Air Act.

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The Supreme Court did not hear the case, thus upholding the ruling of U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel who ruled in favor of President Trump, but that is the same Judge that Trump questioned as not being impartial because he was “Mexican.”

Senator Ted Cruz regardless of how many times Trump insults him and his wife, approves of the wall.

“I have long called for building a wall as a necessary step in defending our border and stopping the flow of illegal immigration into our country. The WALL Act would fully fund the border wall by closing existing loopholes that provide illegal immigrants with federal benefits and tax credits, without affecting the benefits and tax credits used by Americans.”

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Another Official in Trump Administration Indicted

Trey Glenn is the regional director the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency southeast region. Glenn because of his involvement in a prior job, has now been indicted.

Trey Glenn along with the former Alabama Environmental Management Commissioner Scott Phillips, were indicted for violations of state ethics laws, including soliciting a lobbyist and receiving money outside his official capacity.

Glenn along with law firm Balch & Bingham, fought against EPA actions to clean up contaminated sites in north Birmingham and Tarrant on behalf of Drummond Co., which would be responsible for the cleanups. Both Glenn and Phillips worked for Southeast Engineering & Consulting on the Drummond case, and Phillips was serving on the environmental commission.

Earlier this year, a federal jury convicted Joel Gilbert, a former partner at the law firm, and Drummond’s vice president David Roberson of bribing an Alabama state lawmaker.

Remember, Trump only hires the best.

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Do You Like Beer, I Love Beer

A day without beer is like a day without sunshine. Yes, like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, “I like beer. I still like beer.” But, my beer supply may be running low in this lifetime, if not, I will have to pay a lot more for it.

Us beer connoisseurs and aficionados know besides water, our favorite beverage also uses barley as its main ingredient, and that’s a problem for you climate deniers starting with Trump who doesn’t like beer or give a #### about the environment and thinks climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese.

With global warming comes an increase in temperatures, and barley is sensitive to extreme drought and heat. But, don’t take my biased word on this, believe the beer loving scientists.

A group of scientists got together to figure out the costs of climate change to our beloved adult beverage focusing on three factors: climate, crops, and economics.

The scientists who used tried and true models and not their “natural instinct” like President Trump does as it relates to climate change, forecasted temperature, rainfall, precipitation, soil moisture and other variables in both worst-case and less-severe scenarios.

Then, they used a crop yield model to determine the growth of barley crops worldwide. Their results were that global barley yields will decline between 3% and 17%, depending on the severity of the weather.

Then with an economic model, their results were used to calculate beer production estimates and international trading forecasts. The results?

During the most severe climate events, global beer consumption would decrease by 16% while the average price of beer worldwide would double. In less severe circumstances, global beer consumption would drop by just 4% on average while prices leap by 15%.

The United States would see a 20% overall reduction in beer consumption under the worst-case climate change scenario and a 50% increase in price. Remember, go back to basics: the law of supply and demand. If demand is high but supply is low, prices go up.

But, if it were only my beloved beer. Without my coffee before sunrise and my beer after sunset, I would not be able to survive the day. And throw in there a few cigars a week.

Studies and forecasts on the global economic impact of climate change has been studied extensively. Maybe with something that most of us love and enjoy like beer, cigars, and coffee, we’ll start paying more attention to the dangers of global warming.

The  study  was published in Nature Plants.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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