Busted- the Brett Kavanaugh Coverup

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Brett Kavanaugh at same wedding as Deborah Ramirez. Photo obtained by NBC News.

Busted- the Brett Kavanaugh Coverup

The Cover Up Part I
Remember when Democrats spoke out publicly against the Republicans for only receiving ten percent of the documents and archives related to Brett Kavanaugh?

Remember the Democrats receiving 100,000 pages the day before the confirmation hearings were to begin?

Remember President Trump signing an Executive Order preventing access to even more documents pertaining to Kavanaugh?

Well, it just gets better and this reeks of a major cover up by the President and the Republicans.

The Cover Up Part II
Judge Kavanaugh was trying to get the jump on the Deborah Ramirez story and had been communicating via text messages to friends to get their stories straight. When is a Supreme Court nominee supposed to contact friends to back up his story? NEVER!

The text messages were between Kerry Berchem and Karen Yarasavage, and shows that contact was made before Ramirez’s story went public. In one message, Yarasavage said that Kavanaugh asked her to go on the record in his defense.

There are two more messages with Kavanaugh’s team and former classmates. Berchem has been trying to get in contact with the FBI, but has not heard from them. And yet, Trump claims he’s not impeding the investigation in any way.

It was only because of mounting political pressure that now the FBI has expanded their investigation.

The Cover Up Part III

Kavanaugh’s transcripts of his interview with the Republican Judiciary Committee took place on September 25, two days after Ramirez spoke out publicly about Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh in his interview with the Judiciary Committee say it was Ramirez who was “calling around to classmates trying to see if they remembered it,” adding that it “strikes me as, you know, what is going on here? When someone is calling around to try to refresh other people? Is that what’s going on? What’s going on with that? That doesn’t sound — that doesn’t sound — good to me. It doesn’t sound fair. It doesn’t sound proper. It sounds like an orchestrated hit to take me out.”

At least he didn’t mention the Clintons.

But, the text messages are before the story broke so Kavanaugh lied to the Judiciary Committee when he says he first heard about it in the New Yorker article. Each lie to the Committee under oath is a felony charge.

Besides the many reasons I can think of why Kavanaugh should not sit on the Supreme Court, being dumb enough to send text messages is another reason. I wonder if his calendar makes any mention of the text messages? Let me guess- he will say without his knowledge, his wife sent those messages or a team member.

Of course, at the head of the cover up is Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley who through a spokesperson said “the texts from Ms. Berchem do not appear relevant or contradictory to Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony.”

Really? Lying under oath is not relevant? I’m going to have to go back to law school for a refresher course.

The Wedding
And, just like Dr. Ford testified that when she saw Mark Judge years later at the Safeway grocery store and felt uncomfortable seeing him and even spoke about the sexual assault in therapy with her husband a few years before she went public, Ramirez had the same reaction when she bumped into Kavanaugh at a wedding.

Ten years after graduation, Ramirez was at the same wedding as Kavanaugh (see picture). Per Berchem, Ramirez clung to her and didn’t want to get near Kavanaugh and his friends. As I keep saying, extremely credible witnesses that have everything to lose if they lie are coming forward. Berchem is a partner at law firm Akin Gump and trust me, she lies to the FBI, she will lose her license to practice law within days.

Berchem’s statement is below.

“I understand that President Trump and the U.S. Senate have ordered an FBI investigation into certain allegations of sexual misconduct by the nominee Brett Kavanaugh. I have no direct or indirect knowledge about any of the allegations against him. However, I am in receipt of text messages from a mutual friend of both Debbie and mine that raise questions related to the allegations. I have not drawn any conclusions as to what the texts may mean or may not mean but I do believe they merit investigation by the FBI and the Senate.”

For the transcripts of Brett Kavanaugh’s interview with the Judiciary Committee, follow this link.

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