Can We Gag Roger Stone Already

The federal judge assigned to Roger Stone’s case is the same judge that handled the Paul Manafort case.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson warned Stone on Friday in his court appearance that she’s considering imposing a gag order on Stone. Please do! She did so in Manafort’s case.

Judge Jackson advised Stone in court to talk about immigration or the Super Bowl if he would like, but not about his case and Stone has already indicated he will appeal any gag order.

One of his attorneys, Bruce Rogow is my former law professor. I consider him an expert in First Amendment law as his most famous case was representing 2 Live Crew back in the day in their First Amendment battles as well as representing the KKK in Civil Rights marches in the Sixties.

Rogow has dozens of appearances before the U.S. Supreme Court and more than one hundred appearances in the Florida Supreme Court, which explains his role in Stone’s case.

Stone will do everything within his power to discredit witnesses as evident in his ongoing public feud with Jerome Corsi as well as the Mueller investigation.

Remember, Stone calls himself a “dirty trickster” and has made a career out of spreading misinformation.

Even the day of his arrest, Stone posted on Instagram a “nothing burger” meme of Special Counsel Mueller. Stone is no longer on Twitter as he has been banned permanently.

In today’s word of social media, information and disinformation can spread like wildfire, meaning tainting a jury pool is even easier. We have already seen how easy it is to control the narrative in the age of social media. We continue to witness that with President Trump.

Stone will argue he has a First Amendment right to continue talking about his case publicly, hanging his conspiratorial hat on that he needs to get the word out in order to raise money for his defense, but ultimately he will have a gag order issued against him.

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