Can We Impeach Devin Nunes Already

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Republican Devin Nunes- California, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee

Can We Impeach Devin Nunes Already

I’m not a political history buff so if I am wrong, please feel free to correct me, but when have we seen someone act like House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes who seems to run around and do his own thing and not care about the rules or his own colleagues? Talk about party over country.

Nunes, and we already know about his secret White House meetings and writing his own reports in regards to President Trump and collusion with the Russians, now went to London (on the tax payers’ dime I’m sure) to speak with British intelligence agents from MI5 and MI6.

Nunes wanted information on the Christopher Steele Dossier and Steele himself. Guess how Britain Intelligence replied? Get out of here.

Nunes did get to meet with Madeleine Alessandri who is Britain’s Deputy National Security Adviser.

But, this isn’t the first time. Last year two of Nunes’ aides also went to London to question Steele personally. They were unsuccessful.

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