Can We Officially Say Trump is a Treasonous Traitor

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WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 26: President Donald J. Trump returns to the White House on July 26, 2018 in Washington, DC. Trump is returning from a trip to events in Iowa and Illinois. (Photo by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)


Can We Officially Say Trump is a Treasonous Traitor

First, I will start off by saying I’m not a conspiracy theory junky. Some conspiracies you can see a connection and it makes you think, and other conspiracies are just pure insanity.

So, my question if President Trump is a treasonous traitor is not because I think he is a Manchurian Candidate, but it is based on his actions, the likes of which makes sense to no rational person.

When I have a client that ignores my advice, I tell my client he doesn’t need a lawyer. It’s not that complicated. Why bother hiring an expert if you are going to do whatever you want anyway? Which begs the question- why does Trump have experts, especially when it comes to the security of our nation, if he will continue to ignore what the evidence concludes?

When people aren’t consistent with their actions, it only makes sense to question it. For example, if Trump’s doctor said that Trump has this or that, would he ignore his doctor? I doubt it. Why else have a doctor? But, the same question has to be asked when he is inconsistent when it comes to National Security.

Trump isn’t an expert on National Security anymore than I am, hence, why we need experts. Every President has their strengths and weaknesses, and obviously, someone like George Bush, Sr. was an expert on National Security considering his background.


It was just yesterday that the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and FBI Director Chris Wray, gave a briefing on cyber-security for the upcoming mid-term elections. The White House made clear that the President is serious about Russia and election hacking, yet, the President was absent from this briefing. He didn’t tweet about it, either.

So, while our intelligence officials, our experts, publicly state that election meddling by Russia is still going on, evident but not only the attempted hacking of Senator Claire McCaskill and Facebook’s actions in deleting fake accounts, the President continues to throw everyone under the proverbial bus, saying that this is nothing but the “Russian hoax.” Another slap to the face of our intelligence community.

This, hours after Coats, Bolton, and Wray said the complete opposite.

Now, does President Trump do this because he is crazy or a traitor. Honestly, I can’t see it any other way. There is no logical explanation.

Don’t forget- it was only a month ago at the Helsinky Summit that President Trump said in front of Putin and the world that he didn’t accept the U.S. Intelligence Communities’ conclusion that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 election. He then backtracked that story by saying he spoke in double negatives, an explanation accepted by no one.

Again, he is not a Manchurian Candidate. That makes for great movies but not reality, but at the minimum, there is compromising material and to be clear, it ain’t no pee pee tape.

Tapes could be argued were altered, or the image is grainy, or the President will just come out and say “yes, that was me, so what?” And you know what, I could care less if there is an R. Kelly tape out there of our President because weird, sexy, freaky things aren’t relevant to the job of the President.

People will disagree with that statement, but, let me ask you this- tomorrow you are getting open heart surgery. The best surgeon in the country is a sexual freak, the other guy isn’t the best, but he’s a nice guy, never did anything wrong. Which one do you choose? I choose the freak! I want the best.

“In Helsinki, I had a great meeting with Putin. We discussed everything. … We got along really well. By the way, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. Now we’re being hindered by the Russian hoax — it’s a hoax, OK?” -President Trump at the Wilkes Pennsylvania yesterday for Rep. Lou Barletta challenging Senator Bob Casey.

If there an angle, then let me know what it is, because the answer isn’t that he, and he alone, has the answers to everything. No President, whether from the United States or a Banana Republic, has the answers to everything. Not even Einstein had the answers to everything. Again, that is why people depend on experts.

As to the question of whether Trump is a treasonous traitor or not? I think the President actually loves this country, however, that is separate and distinct from the damage he is creating. There is no doubt that Russia has compromising material on the President, something serious like money laundering and accepting Russian financing.

Article III of the U.S. Constitution defines treason as follows: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

The key words- adhering to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

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