Chaos Still Surrounds Jeff Sessions

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President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Chaos Still Surrounds Jeff Sessions

There’s no doubt that President Trump wants to get rid of his Attorney General, especially since he has bashed him more than once publicly, questioned his manhood, and has made clear he never would have given Jeff Sessions the post had he known that Sessions would have recused himself from the Robert Mueller investigation.

Those statements alone show an intent to obstruct justice and if President Trump fires Sessions, there is a valid argument for considering that act an attempt to obstruct the Robert Mueller investigation.

Now, President Trump is back to playing games with Sessions among new reports that Trump spoke to Sessions own Chief of Staff Matt Whitaker, a stab in the back of political proportions if Whitaker didn’t mention this to Sessions.

If so, just more chaos and divisiveness within the White House created by none other than the President who is known to love to create chaos, bickering, and in-fighting among his staff.

Of course, earlier this week Senator Lindsey Graham said that Trump joked with him when he asked if he wanted to be the Attorney General. This comes after Senator Graham’s grandstanding during the confirmation hearing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh where it was obvious he was auditioning for the role of top prosecutor.

With the midterm less than four weeks away, everyone is safe for now, but if the Republicans fail to control the House and Senate and the Blue Wave washes away the GOP, there is no doubt there will be a massive spring cleaning come November. Hillary Clinton called it a fire sale at the White House.

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trump sessions, trump twitter, trump news todayPresident Trump Blasts Jeff Sessions

With the Trump Train derailing, President Trump is trying everything he can to have Sessions quit so he can replace him with a flunky that will fire Robert Mueller, this, even though the President has made clear that he will not fire Sessions until after the mid-term elections.


what happens if trump fires sessions, president trump twitter, sessions trumpPresident Trump’s Spat with Jeff Sessions Continues

In an interview this week with Fox News, President Trump publicly attacked his appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the umpteenth time, this time questioning his manhood.


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