Chapter 7 Bankruptcies for Central and Southwest Kansas

According to the Leavenworth Times, the following are bankruptcy cases filed (Chapter 7) for central and southwest Kansas.


Janice R. Harris, Chapter 13, assets: $74,753; liabilities: $85,992.


Chaney Dean Kennedy and Alley Elizabeth Kennedy, aka Alley Elizabeth Shaw, assets: $117,498; liabilities: $154,740.


Christopher J. Monares, aka Chris Monares, and Tina L. Monares, aka Tina Monares, assets: $116,312; liabilities: $219,947.


DFC Holdings LLC, doing business as Rose Cumming Chintzes, Rose Cumming, Rose Cumming Chintzes, Chapter 11, assets: $1,846,942; liabilities: $8,539,285.

DFC Holdings Inc., doing business as Dessin Fournir Companies, Chapter 11, assets: $66,471; liabilities: $9,480,598.

Dessin Fournir Inc., doing business as Dessin Fournir Companies, Chapter 11, assets: $6,622,058; liabilities: $13,004,798.

Therien LLC, doing business as Therien, Chapter 11, assets: $240,294; liabilities: $9,719,550.

C.S. Post Inc., doing business as C S Post & Co., Chapter 11, assets: $152,238; liabilities: $8,218,342.

The Oak Street Planing Mill LLC, doing business as The Planing Mill LLC, Chapter 11, assets: $1,394,932; liabilities: $8,029,577.

Kenneth Meyer LLC, doing business as Kenneth Meyer, Chapter 11, assets: $377; liabilities: $7,573,054.

Palmer Hargrave Inc., doing business as Palmer Hargrave,Chapter 11, assets: $1,056,762; liabilities: $10,255,328.

The Rien Corp. LLC, doing business as Therien Manufacturing,Chapter 11, assets: $33,525; liabilities: $9,643,997.

Classic Cloth Inc., doing business as Classic Cloth, Chapter 11, assets: $$3,226,446; liabilities: $9,432,208.

DFC Corp. Inc., doing business as Dessin Fournir Companies, Dessin Fournir Chicago, Dessin Fournir New York, Chapter 11, assets: $1,186,295; liabilities: $9,547,000.

EB Manufacturing LLC, doing business as Erika Brunson, Chapter 11, assets: $92,339; liabilities: $7,779,959.


Sarah Nicole Queen, aka Sarah nichole Steinle, assets: $11,298; liabilities: $49,589.


Keighla Marie Belote, Sterling, and Andrew Allen Michael Belote, Nickerson, assets: $4,015; liabilities: $44,370.

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