Christine Blasey Ford to Testify Next Week- But it’s Still a Farce

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Senator Chuck Grassley from the Senate Judiciary Committee and Brett Kavanaugh. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Christine Blasey Ford to Testify Next Week- But it’s Still a Farce

It seems an agreement has been reached regarding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, for a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee next week.

Details are unknown at this time, but, we do know that Dr. Ford continues to push for an FBI investigation. Had Senate Republicans agreed to this from the beginning, by now the FBI would have concluded their investigation and we would be able to get to the bottom of the truth. But, such is not life in today’s politicized world.

It also seems that Dr. Ford will testify publicly on Thursday as well as Brett Kavanaugh, but fact is if Dr. Ford didn’t testify publicly, then her credibility would be called into question more than it already has.

Apparently, if a man comes forward and says he was molested sexually by a priest thirty years ago, we believe him. When a woman does it, she is a liar. Double standard? And yet, people still wonder why sexual assault is one of the most unreported crimes.

Hillary Clinton in an interview this week argued for due process in the investigating of Dr. Ford and she is right. The Senate Judiciary Committee headed by Senator Chuck Grassley is going to be nothing more than a spectacle and a farce. What happened to finding out the truth?

Why won’t Senator Grassley subpoena Mark Judge who Dr. Ford says was in the room when the alleged sexual assault happened?

Why can’t the FBI investigate this matter? The hearing will be nothing more than a he said/she said scenario as Republicans will demand answers from Dr. Ford and try to destroy her credibility, all the while without wanting any evidence to prove or disprove her allegations.

At the minimum, I hope that Dr. Ford continuously and regularly puts the Republican Senators backs’ against the wall by reminding them that Mark Judge should be subpoenaed to testify and that the FBI should investigate her allegations.

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