Clay County and Jacksonville Top List of Foreclosures Nationwide


According to Attom Data Solutions, foreclosures increased this past month, 4 percent, but still lower than last year’s 24 percent. One home out of every 2,554 homes went into foreclosure in August.

According to the analysis, the states with the worst foreclosure rates in August 2019 were Delaware (one in every 1,106 housing units); New Jersey (one in every 1,192 housing units); Maryland (one in every 1,218 housing units); Illinois (one in every 1,562 housing units); and Florida (one in every 1,633 housing units).

Clay County made the list of top 10 U.S. counties with at least 200,000 people, with the worst foreclosure rates with 1 out of every 737 homes.

Mercer, New Jersey (one in every 543 housing units); Gloucester, New Jersey (one in every 654 housing units); Orange, New York (one in every 684 housing units); Cuyahoga, Ohio (one in every 745 housing units); Atlantic, New Jersey (one in every 794 housing units); Burlington, New Jersey (one in every 799 housing units); Prince George’s County, Maryland (one in every 814 housing units); Camden, New Jersey (one in every 834 housing units); and Richland, South Carolina (one in every 854 housing units).

With metro areas of at least one million people, Jacksonville also made the list with one out of every 1, 043 homes).

Also on that list was Baltimore, Maryland (one in every 1,116 housing units); Chicago, Illinois (one in every 1,379 housing units); and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (one in every 1,422 housing units).

Counties with more than 1 million people and the highest foreclosure rates were: Cuyahoga, Ohio (one in every 745 housing units); Suffolk, New York (one in every 980 housing units); Hillsborough, Florida (one in every 1,296 housing units); Fulton, Georgia (one in every 1,358 housing units); Nassau, New York (one in every 1,505 housing units); Cook, Illinois (one in every 1,525 housing units); San Bernardino, California (one in every 1,531 housing units); Miami-Dade, Florida (one in every 1,569 housing units); Riverside, California (one in every 1,624 housing units); and Palm Beach, California (one in every 1,749 housing units).

Attom’s analysis can be seen here.

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