Clinton and Lynch – Trump and Rosenstein

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Remember when Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with President Clinton? Where’s the outrage with President Trump and Rod Rosenstein?

Clinton and Lynch – Trump and Rosenstein

What a short and selective memory Trump supporters have. No “lock him up” chants? No accusations of secret meetings and corruption? Of course not! It’s 2018 and this country believes in party over country and political tribalism.

Today Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein went for a ride on Air Force One, reminiscent of Fredo going for a boat ride in the Godfather 2.

It was just a couple of weeks ago (in Trump Administration time that is 14 weeks) that Rosenstein was in danger of losing his job. Reports were that Rosenstein considered the 25th Amendment and even wearing a wire to record the President a’la Omarosa. The Deputy Attorney General was even rumored to have submitted his resignation letter to Chief of Staff John Kelly.

But, then came the sexual assault allegations against Justice Kavanaugh (it hurts my fingers to put the word “Justice” before his name) first from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and since life and politics is about priorities, Trump, the White House, and the nation was focused on Kavanaugh and the FBI investigation, resulting in Rosenstein’s meeting with President Trump to be cancelled. Odd strike of luck. That and there’s only so many scandals a Presidency can have with the midterm elections four weeks away.

Now, will Rosenstein survive after the midterms? That remains to be seen, but again, let’s not forget, fire Rosenstein and that’s the end of the Robert Mueller investigation, but even if the President takes us down the road of a constitutional crisis, I’m still of the belief that it’s too late.

Mueller already has what he wants and while The Trump administration was playing tic tac toe, Mueller was playing chess.

Let’s see what happens next? Maybe Senator Jim Jordan’s absurd filing of impeachment proceedings against Rosenstein magically disappears.

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