CNN’s Victor Blackwell’s Plea- #ShutdownHunger

On Saturday morning, CNN’s anchor Victor Blackwell made a plea for those in need of help for the longest government shutdown in history at thirty-one days.

“The stories are becoming more desperate. People are pawning their wedding rings to pay rent, deciding between buying medicine and paying the power bill, selling their Christmas presents to make ends meet, to buy food.”

 “I know what it feels like to open the refrigerator and there’s nothing but condiments and ice, to hope that it’s someone’s birthday at work the next day and there’s a potluck so you can have lunch tomorrow,” Blackwell said.

“No working person, especially not people who work for us, who work for the American people, should have to struggle the way that federal workers are right now.”

Blackwell made his announcement promoting an Atlanta food bank to which he’d donated and asked for viewers to do the same in their own communities.

Blackwell is also tweeting out #ShutdownHunger.

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