Coffee and Hurricane Florence

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Enjoy your coffee and for those on the eastern seaboard, be prepared for Hurricane Florence.

Coffee and Hurricane Florence

Good morning. Load up on the coffee as we prepare for a summary of today’s headlines.

Hurricane Florence

My calendar reminded me a few days ago that I had to deal with Hurricane Irma almost a year-to-date as Hurricane Florence now goes barreling towards the Carolinas.

The eastern seaboard of North and South Carolina prepares for what the National Weather Service is calling the “storm of a lifetime” as Hurricane Florence may hit the shores as a Category 4 storm. More than 1 million people are under mandatory evacuation orders.

A state of emergency has already been issued by President Trump for North and South Carolina and Virginia.

Stephen Miller

If it’s not sushi or his uncle, now it’s Stephen Miller’s childhood rabbi that publicly has criticized Miller’s immigration policies. At this point, I’m sure he’s skipping the family summer BBQ and Thanksgiving.

Wasted Again in Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett joins the medical marijuana business with his brand called the Coral Reefer that will produce vape pens, gel caps, edibles, and lotions.

President Trump’s Twitter

The explosion of “Fear” by Bob Woodward is one stunning revelation after another. In Woodward’s book, he claims that White House aides asked President Trump to allow them to first check the truth of his tweets and retweets. I guess we know they never had the chance to.

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Come this Thursday, the Senate Committee will vote on whether Kavanaugh will be the next Supreme Court Justice. As unfair as it is, he will be as the Republicans have the votes they need.

Donald Trump, Jr.

In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Trump, Jr. said he’s not worry about the Trump Tower Meeting because he did nothing wrong. Note to Jr.: you probably lied and will face at least one perjury charge.

I hate the phrase hump day, so I’ll stick to it’s Wednesday the middle of the week. Have a good one and be safe.

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