Coffee and Morning Headline News- Dr. Ford, Yale Protests, Womp Womp

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Coffee and morning headline news.

Coffee and Morning Headline News- Dr. Ford, Yale Protests, Womp Womp

Good morning to you. It’s Wednesday so we are half way through the week. Take another sip of coffee and let’s review this morning’s headline news.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Dr. Ford testifies tomorrow and Friday the Senate votes. Not a lot of time between the two dates obviously. What if she introduces new evidence?

What about the second accuser? Seems like the GOP already decided.

Yale Law Students Protest

Harvard law students already protested Brett Kavanaugh returning as a professor. Now it’s Yale Law, Kavanaugh’s alma-mater.

Thirty professors cancelled class because of the protests and a majority of faculty members signed a letter that was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee to treat the allegations seriously.

President Trump’s Spending Bill

Still no money for the border wall.

Womp Womp- Jeff Sessions

Remember when President Trump wanted to fight the tech companies and Google is rigging search results against him? Well, poor Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with state Attorney Generals to push that agenda and he struck out.

I look forward to another Twitter spat between President Trump and Sessions.

Another Reason to Hate Mike Pence

The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the Family Research Council a hate group that is anti LGBTQ. So what does Vice President Pence do? He speaks at their summit.

Now we have a President and Vice President that have spoken at anti-LGBTQ organizations.

It Sucks to be Ted Cruz

Thanks to President Trump, our nation is divided. It’s that simple. Senator Ted Cruz was the latest victim of “no dinner for you tonight.” While at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., protesters gathered around his dinner table and started chanting “we believe survivors.”

Senator Cruz shouldn’t complain. After him and his wife were insulted multiple times during the 2016 Presidential Campaign by Trump, Cruz asked the President to speak at one of his rallies. You made your bed Ted, now you have to lie in it.

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