Coffee and Morning Headline News-  SCOTUS Sham, TPS, LGBTQ, Presidential Alerts

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Morning headline news

Coffee and Morning Headline News-  SCOTUS Sham, TPS, LGBTQ, Presidential Alerts

Good morning. You will definitely need more coffee with today’s morning news.

The Brett Kavanaugh Sham

Senator Mitch McConnell continues to shove Kavanaugh down the country’s throat, so wash it down with a large gulp of coffee.

Senators could be reading the FBI investigations as early as this morning, so late last night McConnell had a procedural vote done, which means a final vote could come on Saturday. Of course, many witnesses have been ignored. I’ll remind you, this is a lifetime appointment.

Democrats have also come out and said allegations have not been followed up on. In addition, protests are scheduled nationwide for the Kavanaugh appointment.

Immigration- TPS (Temporary Protected Status)

A California federal judge granted a preliminary injunction that prevents President Trump’s administration from ending Temporary Protected Status for immigrants from Sudan, El Salvador, Haiti and Nicaragua.

More Anti- LGBTQ from the Trump Administration

The State Department has stopped issuing visas to same-sex partners of foreign diplomats sent to the United States or the United Nations in New York, unless they are legally married. The problem? Many countries don’t recognize same sex marriages so foreign diplomats won’t be able to bring their partners with them.

Remind me again what purpose this rule serves, because I can’t think of any other than the Trump administration hates the LGBTQ community. Remember, both Vice President Pence and President Trump have spoken before organizations that are anti-LGBTQ.

The National Alert – Presidential Alert

Get that text message yesterday at 2:18 p.m.? Well, some good folks are trying to make sure it is the last one you receive.

Three people filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court in New York City against President Trump and the (FEMA) Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator William B. Long, against the text messages saying it violates their First and Fourth Amendment rights.

At issue is that you cannot opt out of the messages. Another day another lawsuit in the Trump administration.

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