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January 15, 2019

Coffee and Headline News- Fast Food at the White House, Russian Asset, Steve King, William Barr

  • President Trump feeds National Champions Clemson Tigers fast food because no one else is there to feed them because of the government shutdown.
  • President Trump finally answers the question on whether he is a Russian asset or not.
  • Trump visits New Orleans for the Farm Bureau Convention and is greeted with chants of “lock him up.”
  • The government shutdown hits day 25!
  • Steve King gets a slap on the wrist.
  • William Barr promises to protect the Mueller investigation.

January 14, 2019

Coffee and Headlines News- Trump Shutdown, Trump Tower, Michael Cohen, Russian Asset

  • The Trump shutdown heads into day 23!
  • Michael Cohen releases a statement that he will testify publicly before Congress.
  • President Trump had another Trump Tower in Russia deal before the Trump Tower Moscow Project.
  • The Russian lawyer at Trump Tower gets indicted.
  • Paul Manafort was working with the Russians.
  • President Trump investigated by the FBI because he was considered to be a Russian asset.

January 7, 2019

Coffee & Morning Headlines- Government Shutdown, Trump Called a Racist, Border Wall

  • The government shutdown hits day 16 with no end in sight.
  • President Trump says federal employees will “adjust” and that he can relate to their situation.
  • President Trump’s “build that wall” was nothing more than a gimmick to keep him on point with immigration.
  • Chief of Staff Kevin Sweeney resides now that President Trump wants to declare the border wall a “national emergency.”
  • Senator Warren hits the 2020 presidential campaign trail and already she is getting attacked by racist comments by President Trump and Matt Gaetz.
  • In an interview with 60 Minutes, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez calls President Trump a racist.

January 2, 2019

Coffee & Headlines News- Border Wall, a Dog, President Warren, Mitt Romney

  • President Trump tells Nancy Pelosi in a tweet he wants the wall “thing.”
  • President Trump calls 4 star General McChrystal a “general.”
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren tosses her hat into the 2020 Presidential ring and President Trump accuses her of being under psychiatric care.
  • Can the country withstand what lies ahead for 2019?
  • Mitt Romney slams President Trump and says he has caused “dismay around the world.”
  • President Trump has a message for his “haters” on New Years.

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