Coffee and Morning Headlines- Hurricane Michael, Wacko Trump Rallies

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Enjoy your coffee and this morning’s headline news.

Coffee and Morning Headlines- Hurricane Michael, Wacko Trump Rallies

Good morning to you as we are halfway through the week. What is going on today? Grab some coffee and let’s review this morning’s headline news.

All Eyes on Hurricane Michael

Before I went to bed, Hurricane Michael was a Category 3 storm. Now it is a Category 4 with maximum sustained winds of 140 mph. Michael is a fast moving storm expected to reach the Florida Panhandle in the next few hours. There’s even the possibility it picks up more strength before it makes landfall.

Again, as I’ve said many times before, heed all warnings and please be careful, but more importantly, use common sense.

One thing, after the storm blows through, there’s always more things to deal with, and a report I keep coming across is mosquitoes known as gallinippers that are 2-3 times larger than regular mosquitoes and were discovered in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence.

Because of way too many hurricanes in my life and endless camping trips, I have some practical ways in dealing with bugs and mosquitoes. Since I live in a preserve, I’ve learned spraying my sliding glass door and walls with vinegar keeps away a majority of the bugs, so I can get in/out of the house and not have a swarm of bugs get in.

For mosquitoes, I have a simple and very effective method: Listerine. Yeah, you read right. I just spray Listerine on my clothes and skin and that is a pretty effective method at keeping mosquitoes away, plus the added benefit of smelling great. It’s not 100%, nothing is, but for easiness and price, you can’t beat it.

I do have a book of simple ideas and tricks I’ve learned along the way in dealing with hurricanes. The link is below. To track Hurricane Michael, follow this link.


I don’t know about you, but when I think of Democrats, I think of wacko radicals. Actually, I don’t believe that and President Trump doesn’t either since he was a life-long registered Democrat, but that is what he told his supporters at a Iowa rally last night.

Of course, this is the President that believes that George Soros is paying protesters, but the protesters are actually angry because they haven’t received their checks. By now, with so many protesters that Soros has allegedly paid, I think he is down to his last $20.

X Marks the Spot        

A shout out to New York City. Now for those born in the city that never sleeps, you can mark “x” on your birth certificate if you don’t identify as either male for female.

Have  good day and for those in the cone of Hurricane Michael, good luck to you and be safe.

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October 9, 2018

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Coffee and News- Hurricane Michael, Justice Kavanaugh, Trump, Climate Change

  • Florida prepares for Hurricane Michael
  • Brett Kavanaugh has swearing-in ceremony with President Trump
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns we are reaching the point of no return with climate change and global warming
  • Due to a data breach, Google plus is closing its doors


October 8, 2018

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  • Taylor Swift speaks out politically for the first time in her career
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  • Justice Brett Kavanaugh starts hearing cases this week



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