Coffee and News- August 20, 2018

Coffee and News- August 20, 2018


Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney that was involved in the Stormy Daniels’ payoff, may be facing arrest soon. It seems he might be on the hook for $20 million in fraudulent loans he took out, similar to the Paul Manafort trial. Speaking of the devil.


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Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort’s future is in the hands of the jury. Today will mark day two and a half that the jury is deliberating. A decision is likely to be made today, if not, on a positive note- the jurors maybe aren’t sure which of all eighteen charges should stick, or on the negative side, we are looking at a hung jury.

However, if it is a hung jury, then Manafort can be retried. In addition, regardless of the outcome of this trial, he is facing his next trial within the next few weeks.

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Omarosa Manigault

What will Omarosa Manigault do next? Omarosa has been on fire the last couple of weeks, revealing secretly recorded audio of her during her time in the White House. Her latest claim is that President Trump was trying to start a race war. No surprise there, that’s what all racists want. Omarosa is likely to release another tape today, and word is she has two hundred recordings, some video, too.


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President Trump

President Trump continues his attacks on Robert Mueller, now going ballistic over the “fake news” media stating that White House Counsel, Don McGahn had thirty hours of interviews with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team.

The Twitter in Chief called out John Dean as a “rat,” the former White House Counsel for Nixon.

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