Coffee and News- the Draft Dodging, Mocking POTUS

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Nothing like cofefe in the morning.

Coffee and News- the Draft Dodging, Mocking POTUS

It has been a rough couple of days no doubt, but we have coffee. So, as you reach for more sugar, let’s do a quick review of this morning’s headline news.

Trump the Mocker

What’s a Trump rally without thousands of people getting together and offending the rest of the country, starting with the leader of the country.

It wasn’t enough to insult two female reporters, one by telling Cecilia Vega she never thinks, but now Mr. Empathy has to attack Dr. Christine Blasey Ford by making it clear in his stand-up routine that she is lying. How did the crowd of misfits respond? With cheers. Sick. All of them.

Of course, there’s more. Trump went on to say that these are “frightening times” for men. Women I guess have nothing to fear and all is well in Trump World.

I blame 100% Ivanka and Melania Trump for being enablers when it comes to his disrespect for women.

Tired of Winning

Winning is exhausting. Who likes to win so much? Just ask Tiger Woods and Lebron James how they are tired of winning. Of course, I’m being facetious, but back to President Trump and his rally in Mississippi, Trump said the only reason to vote for a Democrat is because you are tired of winning. Smh… People actually believe this stuff?

Charlottesville Rally

Four members of a California white supremacist group were arrested for violent crimes committed during the torch-lit march and rally in Charlottesville, Virginia for last year. Charges include violating or conspiring to violate the Riots Act.

They are: Benjamin Drake Daley, Michael Paul Miselis, Thomas Walter Gillen and Cole Evan White.

Mueller is Wrapping Up

With Christmas two months away, it seems Special Counsel Robert Mueller is beginning to wrap up his gifts to the country. Two more prosecutors on the Mueller legal team have returned to their jobs with their respective prosecutor’s office.

Constitutional Crisis October 11

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is scheduled to meet with President Trump in eight days. Is it all for show or is the President going to fire Rosenstein?

President Trump the Draft Dodger and Now Tax Cheat

The President once said John McCain is not a war hero because he was caught and that he knows more than the generals. Yet, Trump used deferments to skip the draft. I’m no orthopedic surgeon, but shouldn’t bone spurs affect his golf swing?

Anyway, according to an exhaustive report by the “failing” New York Times, the Times with more than 100,000 pages of documents, has documented financial fraud and tax dodging by President Trump and his father Fred Trump, to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in inheritance taxes.

You don’t say?

Have a great Wednesday my friends.

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