Coffee and Sunday Morning News

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Enjoy your coffee and today’s headlines.

Coffee and Sunday Morning News

Good Sunday morning to you. I hope you slept in a little later this morning and are ready for some great coffee and today’s headlines news.

John McCain

Today, Senator John McCain will be buried at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. He will be buried next to classmate and best friend Chuck Larson.


President Trump

At a campaign in Indiana, President Trump threatened that he may get involved in the investigation because the FBI isn’t doing their job and that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation is “illegal.”

Got Weed? New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced fifteen “listening sessions” in order to obtain public input on legalizing marijuana in New York.

The Trump Foundation

As the Attorney General of New York continues to pursue her lawsuit against President Trump’s foundation, attorneys for Trump filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. It is unlikely that the motion will be granted. It’s a routinely filed motion in order preserve their right to appeal.

It Sucks to be Paul Manafort’s Daughter

Paul Manafort’s daughter- Jessica Manafort, is an independent filmmaker, a liberal, and registered Democrat. On Friday, she filed a Petition in the Manhattan Supreme Court to legally change her name to  Jessica Anne Bond.

The NRA- National Rifle Association and Beto O’Rourke

The NRA has given Senator Ted Cruz an A+ rating and Beto O’Rourke and F. Guess what? O’Rourke is happy with his grade.

George Papadopolous

George Papadopolous, now that he has accepted Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s plea deal, he’s talking, and he’s talking a lot. The latest thing Papadopolous has made clear through his attorneys is that he lied in order to protect President Trump and Papadopolous also says that Jeff Sessions gave him the go-ahead with a Russia meeting.

Most of you have tomorrow off, so enjoy Labor Day, relax, and be safe out there.

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