Coffee and This Morning’s News

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Good Friday morning. Time for today’s headlines and coffee.

Coffee and This Morning’s News

Good morning. It’s Friday and the coffee always tastes better on Friday mornings. With the Labor Day weekend ahead of us, enjoy that cup of coffee before you head off to work.



President Trump

More lies from President Trump. Nothing new here, but, each lie is just another step to obstruct justice and create a “revolt” when he’s impeached. His latest dangerous claim?

To cover his tracks and poorly I might add, President Trump is now saying that in his interview with Lester Holt where the President explained he fired former FBI Director James Comey for the way he handled the Russia investigation, the tape was “fudged” by Lester Holt. This is a very dangerous accusation and I will write about this in detail in another post.


Infowars Alex Jones

Alex Jones had lawsuits filed against him for his constant lies of saying the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings were paid actors. He filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuits against him for defamation, however, the judge ruled that the lawsuits can proceed. Prediction- the lawsuits will be won and Jones will be forced into bankruptcy and now that social media has shut down his sites, he will disappear into oblivion.



The Boston Globe and the Enemy of the People

Robert Chain from California was arrested for his numerous threats to the Boston Globe, even calling them the enemy of the people, President Trump’s mantra. Someone will die because of the President’s rhetoric and the blood will be on his hands.


Federal Employee? Got Money?

Civilian federal employees will not be receiving a pay rise come January per President Trump. Because Trump likes to divide and conquer, he points the fingers at the costs of federal employees. No money for the employees, but plenty of money to go play golf at his own properties with our money. You should be outraged.


Enjoy your weekend, be safe and be vigilant.

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