Coffee and Tuesday Morning Headlines

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Good morning. Enjoy your coffee.

Coffee and Tuesday Morning Headlines

Good morning to you on this Tuesday. Let’s have some coffee, read some news, and tackle the day ahead of us. So, what’s going on?

Down, Up, Down Again

President Donald Trump after lowering the American flag half-staffed in honor of the late Senator John McCain, had the flags go back up to full staff on Monday. But, with the overwhelming political blowback President Trump received from endless veteran associations and the American Legion, the President lowered the flag again to half-staff until McCain is buried. That’s standard protocol.

That’s what this President is down to: politicizing the death of John McCain. Hey, don’t look at me. I didn’t vote for him.

Paul Manafort Sought a Plea Deal

Paul Manafort actually sought a plea deal for his second upcoming trial. He’s already been convicted once that will result in him spending the rest of his life in jail, so unless he is offering President Trump and his cronies on a silver political platter, there will be no deal since his second case in reality is pointless.

Manafort should have sought a plea deal for the first case, but he was arrogant enough to think he was going to win.

Seth Frotman

Not many have heard of Seth Frotman, but the crisis of the student loan market, his job was to oversee it. Apparently, Frotman says the White House isn’t protecting student loan borrowers. Of course not, just research the companies that Betsy Devos owns (debt collection company/student loans).

The Jacksonville Mass Shooting

I recently moved from Miami after living there for forty-five years to Saint Augustine which is a stone’s throw from Jacksonville. This past weekend, Jacksonville had two mass shootings.

More information on David Katz has been released, the shooter at the gaming competition at Jacksonville Landings, an open-air market.

Katz had a history of psychiatric issues since he was the age of twelve, and yet, he bought guns legally. What does that say about our current gun laws?

And it’s only Tuesday. Fill up your cup of coffee again and have a good day.

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