Coffee, Fear, and 9/11

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Good morning. Enjoy your coffee and today’s morning news.

Coffee, Fear, and 9/11

Good morning to you. Pour some sugar into your coffee and let’s go over today’s morning headlines.


The title of Bob Woodward’s latest book says it all, and no doubt, all the focus today and over the next few days will be on his already bestseller. “Fear” is even number one online in Canada.

The best part, since we already know President Trump’s reactions, “phony book,” Trump has said he will write his own book on what it is like to be inside the White House. For the record, Trump claims to write his own books but he doesn’t, he has ghostwriters. Besides, I’m into fiction.

Omarosa Manigault

Omarosa is back to releasing secretly recorded audio tapes. She recently released one with President Trump talking about Hillary Clinton and the Steele Dossier, and she said that staffers would text each other #TFA, the 25th Amendment.

Now, Omarosa is saying that she believes the writer of the New York Times Op-Ed is from Vice President Pence’s Office- Nick Ayers. If Omarosa mentioned him, she must know something.

I was guessing Don McGahn, but I’d take that bet back and put my money on Ayers now.

President Trump is Scared of Stormy Daniels

There’s a storm coming, and President Trump knows it. The Trump and Cohen legal team now, out of nowhere, are agreeing that the hush money paid to Daniels wasn’t valid, which is an attempt to close the case out and avoid having the President’s deposition taken.

Today is 9/11

Today is September 11. Today marks seventeen years ago that thousands died in the World Trade Center Twin Towers terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda, including the crashing of one plane into the Pentagon Building and another in an empty field in Pennsylvania.

Take a moment to honor those that have died and reflect back on what you were doing in that moment in time when you found out about the attacks.

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