Coffee, Headline News, Christine Ford

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Will it be different with the #MeToo movement with Christine Ford in comparison to Anita Hill and Justice Clarence Thomas.

Coffee, Headline News, Christine Ford

We’ve all been there. Wake up late and now you are in a hurry. That’s where I’m at right now. So, pour your coffee in a travel mug and let’s get to the morning headline news.

Brett Kavanaugh Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Christine Ford who came forward and accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, will be heard next week. Just yesterday I had said I expected a hearing to go forward on Ford’s accusations.

Coca Cola and Marijuana

Word is Coca Cola is looking to infuse marijuana into their drinks. Only logical. Remember, Coca Cola back in the day had cocaine in it.

Russian Classified Documents

President Trump in another effort to undermine the Robert Mueller investigation, is declassifying documents related to the Russia probe which includes the FISA warrant application for Carter Page.

Trump and Immigration

President Trump is considering capping the amount of refugees that seek asylum in the country at 30,000, the lowest number ever.

Senator Ted Cruz Still Desperate

When people are desperate, they take drastic actions, and sometimes they lash out in ways to intimidate others. That’s what Senator Cruz is doing with his latest campaign flyers.

Rather than just send out a nice flyer saying why he deserves your money and Beto O’Rourke doesn’t, Cruz has sent out mailers that look like “official documents.” The mailers have headings such as “Official Travis County Summons,” “Voter Enrollment Campaign Division” and “Ted Cruz for Senate 2018” on the first three lines of the sender’s address.

Roger Stone is No Rat

In more media interviews, Roger Stone has said he will not flip on President Trump under any circumstances. Question number one- if you have done nothing wrong, what is there to flip on?

Let’s be honest- flip on President Trump or die in prison? Stone is no gang member where prison life is expected and the norm. Stone gets picked up and he’s flipping faster than the ones before him.

Enjoy what’s left of your coffee and have a good day.

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