Coffee, Headline News- Cory Booker, President Trump

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Enjoy your coffee.

Coffee, Headline News- Cory Booker, President Trump

We made it through another crazy week. So, put one extra spoon of sugar in your coffee and let’s review today’s headlines.


Senator Cory Booker

Since everything associated with the Trump administration is something we have never seen before, so will everything else associated with it.

Democratic Senator Cory Booker stated at Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing that he was going to release classified emails pertaining to Kavanaugh, knowing that the potential outcome could be expulsion from the Senate.



Leave it up to President Trump to make up the law since he makes up just about everything else. Now, President Trump is saying that the New York Times committed treason by publishing the anonymous op-ed.


Mass Shooting in Cincinnati

The suspect was Omar Enrique Santa Perez who had a pistol and two hundred plus rounds of ammunition. Santa-Perez started firing at the Fifth Third Center in the Fountain Square area. He killed three or four people before he was shot and killed by police officers.


No Important Questions for President Trump

Rudy Giuliani said they will not answer any questions related to obstruction of justice from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. I wonder why?


President Trump Rally in Montana

Nothing is ever President Trump’s fault, we already know that. And now if he gets impeached, which is an obvious worry, that’s why he pointed his corrupt finger at those at the rally last night and said if he gets impeached, it will be their fault for not voting Republican.


The Robert Mueller Investigation

Today is Friday, which means one thing: the grand jury convenes in the Robert Mueller investigation. Who is testifying today? Two people associated with Roger Stone. Randy Credico and Jerome Corsi who was the bureau chief at Infowars, Alex Jones show.

Randy Credico had a long-time friendship with Stone and Credico seemed to be a middleman between Wikileak’s Julian Assange and Stone.

Have a good day everyone.
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