Coffee & Headline News- Fear Based Politics, Racist Ad, Steve King

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Warm up with a great cup of coffee this morning.

Coffee & Headline News- Fear Based Politics, Racist Ad, Steve King

Somehow, we made it to the end of the week. So, enjoy that last cup of coffee before you head out to work and let’s review today’s headline news.

Crazy Lunatic Policy

“Crazy lunatic policy” is what the President said yesterday at his address about birthright citizenship and the 14th Amendment. Such great respect for our founding fathers, assuming Trump even knows who they are.

In addition, the President said he will be signing an Executive Order restricting asylum claims and if migrants throw rocks at the military, they will be firing back. That’s completely against the rules of engagement, but those are just details.

Now is a good time to point out that President Trump has said he knows more than the generals, that John McCain was not a war hero, and that he used “bone spurs” as a deferment to skip out on the war. I would have to assume bone spurs affects one’s golf game, but I could be wrong.

Trump’s Racist Political Ad

President Trump’s campaign ad is getting a lot of heat. Using a George Bush, Sr. style ad like with Willie Horton, Trump is using a video clip of Luis Bracamontes who is a Mexican citizen that entered the United States illegally and killed two police officers.

Trump blames the Democrats for Bracamontes even though he was let back in under President Bush and deported under President Clinton. And get this, Bracamontes was released by racist tough guy former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. The same sheriff that Trump gave a pardon to for violating a court order.

From Bracamontes’ threat of promising to kill more people, the video cuts to immigrants crashing through fences that no one even knows where exactly that happened. Spooky, scary immigrants.


It’s Donnie’s Fault

President Trump blames the entire investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on former White House Counsel Don McGahn. Fact is, McGahn did the correct thing ethically and legally and his legacy will be getting two Supreme Court Justices on the bench, as well as a slew of federal judges to the district courts.

Iowa’s Steve King

King has lost more donors because of his ties to white nationalism and far-right groups. The latest is pork producer Smithfield Foods Inc. and utilities provider Black Hills Energy. King has already lost Intel,  Purina, and Land O’Lakes.

With mounting pressure for his far-right views, yesterday at a press conference King had a member of the public removed when he was asked about white nationalism.

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Coffee & Morning Headline News- Migrant Caravan, Khashoggi, Birthright Citizenship, Happy

  • President Trump went from 5,200 members of the military to the border to more than 15,000.
  • Jamal Khashoggi is believed to have been strangled, dismembered, and his remains disposed of in acid.
  • Vice President Mike Pence speaks about birthright citizenship.
  • Pharrell Williams not “Happy” with President Trump.

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