Coffee, Headline News- Kavanaugh Vote Set

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We could use another RBG on the bench.

Coffee, Headline News- Kavanaugh Vote Set

We made it. After what was comparable to binge watching the Supreme Court confirmation hearing with Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, we need coffee and lots of it. The good news is that it is Friday. So, what’s going on with this morning’s headline news?

The Kavanaugh Vote is Set

Republicans are set on getting their QAnon-Deep State loving Supreme Court nominee on the bench. A vote is set for today at 9:30 a.m. even though many in the Republican party are asking for a delay.

Rod Rosenstein and the Eleventh Hour

The Deputy Attorney General can thank his lucky stars for Judge Kavanaugh. President Trump was too distracted to go forward with meeting him. The only question is will Rosenstein survive the rest of the Trump administration. They are scheduled to meet next week.

The Silver Lining

Mark down on your “calendar” that you will look at thirty-six years from now, that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was a hero. She put her country before her and for that, she has to be commended. The silver lining- media reports had a huge spike in sexual assault hotlines receiving calls.

The Check is in the Mail

A $853 billion spending bill has passed through the House and yet, no money for President Trump’s Mexico border wall.

Going Up

The Federal Reserve raised interests rates again, the third time this year alone.

The 400 lb. Man

We now know that the 400 lb. hacker who President Trump blamed for meddling into the 2016 President elections is Chinese. Not really, but that’s who Trump is now blaming. Does he have proof? Of course not. Does Trump make it up as he goes along? Of course he does.

Trump’s latest QAnon-Deep State conspiracy is that the Chinese aren’t happy with his stance on trade so the U.S. is their target.

What can I say, just another week in the Trump administration. See you later.

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